moonbloom food planting calendar

Moonbloom is a vegetable and herb food planting calendar using the scientific moon cycles (SAST) and the various South African climate zones and their respective vegetable and herb listings as a guide for successful growing results.
The new revised Moonbloom 2018 has a wider simpler format with bigger symbols and a magnet on the back for placing on your fridge or wherever it would suit one.
A much awaited app is on the cards and there is a keen interest in publishing Moonbloom in other countries.

Moonbloom South African vegetable and herb scientific moon cycle and climate zone food planting calendar

According to gardening lore, seeds planted between the first quarter and full moon cycles show better germination characteristics than those planted at other times of the month. The argument given is that when the moon is waxing the gravitational pull on the Earth’s water is greatest at this time, and that this causes water in the soil to come to the surface where it is available for the germinating seeds. Plants also benefit from the increased moonlight during the night.
Climate zones are the general weather conditions averaged over a series of years usually found in a particular place composing of temperature, air pressure, humidity, rainfall, sunshine, cloud and wind throughout the year.
A microclimate is a smaller area within a climate zone that has its own unique climate. This can be caused by the slope or aspect of an area, living near water, living in a heavy urban area, climate change or the use of a greenhouse. If you are growing in an uncommon climate, use a combination of the monthly given climate zones to suit your planting needs.
– calendar 2018 (starts January 2018) month-by-month
– printed on FSC paper and card (paper from responsible sources)
– full colour
– Size: 287mm deep x 158mm wide
– tear-off
– magnet on the back
– South African based
– SAST universal time noted for each moon cycle
– comprehensive vegetable and herb list for the 7 different rainfall regions in SA
– colour coded and icon based
– vegetable icons classified according to which part of the plant is eaten
– includes other useful gardening method icons 
Moonbloom is proud to be featured on
  • Eco Atlas, a national website that empowers people and planet friendly choices, and runner up in the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Awards 2015