moonbloom PRODUCT INFO

Moonbloom is a growing range of products to assist you in your organic vegetable and herb garden. The first calendar was published in 2016 and now is sold both online and throughout South Africa in mostly nurseries and boutique garden shops.
moonbloom vegetable and herb food planting south africa
NEW FOR 2024
The planting calendar now comes with complimentary heirloom seed. The companion planting chart has been completely revised and the font has tripled in size in the calendar, so you will not need your glasses when in the garden.


The Moonbloom South African planting calendar assists you in knowing when and what to plant in the month to create a simple healthy planting cycle in your organic vegetable and herb garden. The calendar uses the moon phases (SAST), the various South African climate zones, a vegetable and herb list featuring over 60 various edibles, and a concise companion planting chart.
  • calendar 2024 (starts January 2024) month-by-month
  • size: 95 x 275mm / hanging size: 95 x 540mm
  • South African based
  • SAST universal time noted for each moon cycle
  • comprehensive vegetable and herb list for the 7 different climate zones of SA
  • vegetable icons classified according to which part of the plant is eaten
  • includes other useful gardening method icons
  • full vegetable and herb companion planting chart indicating what to plant close by (good companions) or far away (bad companions)
  • wire bound
  • punch-hole with metal eyelet
  • printed on a beautiful quality Munken Pure card which is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sound paper, FSC 70% mix source certified.
A handy chart to simply show you how to seed save 50 various vegetables and herbs from your own garden! The chart is for open pollinated and generally heirloom grown varieties, as most hybrids will not produce true to type nor uniform seed.
Categories displayed (descriptions included):
  • Vegetables or Herbs (common name)
  • Species (botanical name)
  • Life Cycle (annual / biennial / perennial)
  • Primary Pollination (wind / insect / self)
  • Isolation Distance (metres)
  • Seed Life (years)
  • Notes (seed collection, from harvest to drying).


A chart to assist you with natural pest control in your vegetable garden. Featuring preventative measures, common pests of South Africa and homemade natural sprays, solutions, rubs and traps.
A chart to assist you in knowing what vegetables and herbs to plant close by (good companions) or far away (bad companions). In alphabetical order with over 60 various edible vegetables and herbs.
The calendar and charts are printed on Munken Paper which is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sound paper produced at Arctic Paper Munkedals AB in Sweden, one of the world’s cleanest fine paper mills. Munken Papers are FSC 70% mix source certified – the mark of responsible forestry, FSC-C022692 and PEFC certified.
All the products are packaged in up cycled paper and rolls – no plastic is used. Eco downloads are also available, set up with print info and so simple to print out at home.