“To grow your own organic veggies and herbs is most satisfying. Fresh and full of vitamins – the ultimate choice for your family. Even if you’re living in an upstairs apartment, you can still grow your own veg, especially your leaf veg, like lettuce, spinach & herbs, and a stray tomato in a pot or 2 will do.

The Moonbloom calendar was created to help you know when to sow or plant, especially in our busy lifestyles, it can be overwhelming. It appeals to people from all sorts of diverse religions. There is no astrology. The calendar works on a simple 4 phase cycle on how the moon effects gravity and water on our planet, and therefore helps with seed germination, etc.

When you start growing your own food, you can’t stop, there are so many exciting heirloom varieties. If we look at how our world’s going, growing our own food is an important option for sustainability. Let’s do it and teach our future generations. With it comes exercise, the outdoor life and a sense of caring for nature.” Gaye